Tickets, Tickets, Tickets!

Rapunzel and PascalWere you among the 950 people trying to get a few of the 250 Early Bird Tickets For The Princess Ball up for grabs on Tuesday? We were so overwhelmed and grateful to see how many people are helping us to achieve our goals of raising buckets of money for the Make A Wish Foundation of Canada in honour of Wishes for Olivia.

The tickets went so quickly, even we were amazed! While we knew lots of people were interested, we did not expect quite the level of interest we saw. We are very humbled. And we know that there are still many people looking for their tickets to The Princess Ball.

We still have lots of tickets left! Your next chance to secure tickets is December 2nd when they go on General Sale.

Based on the Early Bird Ticket Sale demand, it is highly possible the General Sale tickets will go just as quickly – literally within seconds of 12 noon. Ticket sales are First Come, First Served, and we don’t have any FastPasses. While it does take a few moments for each person to finalize their transaction, once a visitor selects their tickets and presses the “order now” button to put the tickets in their carts, those tickets are not available to anyone else. If people who have tickets in their carts do not complete the process before their time window expires, or if they close their browser window, the tickets are then made available to others.

Here’s some Eventbrite Best Practices for you to try to maximize your chances of securing those amazing Tickets!

  • Well in advance of ticket sale time, go on to Eventbrite and create an account. While this won’t give you any advantage, it’s still helpful when you feel you’re racing against the clock to have all your information already entered.
  • Know how many tickets you will need – you won’t have time to think about it on the day. If you are considering donating to help a child with health concerns attend the Ball, please do so well in advance of the tickets going on sale, as you will likely not have time to donate AND purchase tickets.
  • On the day the tickets are available for sale, log in to your Eventbrite account a few minutes prior to 12 noon EST and go to the ticket page. Until noon, you will only see the option to donate. This is not a ticket. As you approach 12 noon, start hitting refresh. As soon as the tickets appear available, make your selections and quickly press Order Now. This will put the tickets safely in your cart until time expires or you finalize your transaction.
  • If, when you land on the ticket page, the tickets all say Unavailable, this means tickets are all in other carts. At this point, it is possible that people may choose not to purchase these tickets. If they do not, the tickets will go back into the bucket for sale. So keep refreshing the page – things might come up!
  • Once the page says Sold Out – that’s it. All tickets are finalized and sold.

So – good luck! We hope everyone gets the tickets they’re looking for and we can’t wait to see you all on April 19th!