Introducing our Third Princess Wish family

IMG_00000295Thanks to your generous donations, we are able to offer Princess Ball tickets to three special families this year, allowing them to enjoy a gentle day of whimsy and entertainment, far away from the daily schedule. Marlow, 5, from Shannonville, is very excited to join us on April 19th. Marlow was diagnosed with stage IV Rhabdomyosarcoma in December 2011. Her original chemotherapy protocol took 1.5 years to complete due todelays and side effects. She enjoyed 3 months to recover but then relapsed 3 months later. She has continued on chemotherapy ever since, and will have of radiation in the relapsed area.

“As a parent of an ill child you seize every opportunity to make life amazing and special.” said Marlow’s mother, Tanya. “This is hard when you are limited due to a compromised immune system and unpredictable treatment schedule. You try to squeeze a lifetime of experience into each day knowing that things can quickly come to a terrible end. The Princess Ball will give Marlow a magical experience with other little girls that we could otherwise not afford to do. She has recently sprouted a little hair after being bald for 2.5 years…I can’t think of a better way of treating her to a special night with mommy to celebrate how far she has come.”

We are honoured to have you join us Princess Marlow. Truly honoured.

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