Do you want free Princess Ball tickets?

The Princess Ball only succeeds with the support of our volunteers, including those that solicit items for our silent auction and solicit sponsorship dollars from key partners and donors. We have had an outpouring of support from people wanting to assist us in our fundraising goals, so this year we have decided to incentive those who are our most prolific producers of goods, services, and sponsorship opportunities. This year, we are pleased to offer a pair of tickets to three volunteers who manage to raise $3000 or more of sponsorship or in-kind donations. Volunteers will receive support in the form of letters, goals and targets, and sponsorship decks.

To apply, please fill out the form below. Based on the strength of the submissions, we will choose three volunteers to receive the incentive this year. And don’t worry, if you have already purchased tickets, you will receive a refund of $300 once you raise the $3000 of donations.

Selections will be made by December 4th, so apply today!

Tips for the Early Bird Ticket Sale

Are you ready for the Early Bird ticket sale? We’re excited too! Here are some tips for a successful purchase:

  1. The sale link is only sent via email to those on our early bird ticket list. Haven’t joined yet? You can do so here.
  2. If you are buying tickets on behalf of others, you will need:
    1. Their first and last name
    2. Their ages and gender identification (if a child)
    3. Their street name (if a child)
    4. Their dietary restrictions
  3. Open the early bird sale announcement email. On the sale date, click the link in the email in advance of the sale time.
  4. Tickets will only appear for purchase at precisely sale time. Until sale time, you will only see a Donation button for our Princess Wish Ticket Grant program.
  5. Exactly at sale time, refresh the page. Keep refreshing until you see the tickets come available.
  6. Immediately and without delay, select the number of tickets you wish to order and click “Order Now”. Until you click “Order Now”, the tickets you have selected are still available for others to purchase and may no longer be available.
  7. If the tickets show as “Currently Unavailable” that means that tickets are sitting in people’s cart but they haven’t yet finished their purchase. These tickets may release for sale if they have been in their cart for more than twenty minutes. Keep refreshing the sale page to see if these tickets become available. However, when the tickets say “Sold Out” they are no longer available.

Please note: while there are lots of tickets available for sale, historically demand has outweighed the tickets available. Being on the Early Bird list does not guarantee access to tickets, and even if you follow these steps exactly, you still may find tickets unavailable due to the popularity of this event. Good luck and thank you for supporting Wishes for Olivia and Make a Wish Foundation of Canada.

Three time’s a charm for Emcee Stu Jeffries

Princess Ball-229Stu Jeffries, long time supporter of Make a Wish, two-time Emcee for The Princess Ball, and boom 97.3 morning host extraordinaire, is once again honoured to host this popular event. At home among the excited families and royal guests of the Ball, and an articulate advocate for children with life-threatening illnesses and disabilities, Stu is proud to continue his support of  the mission of Wishes for Olivia, and we thank him for his generous support!

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