Marketers on Demand generously supports Princess Wish Ticket Grant

MoDThe Princess Ball is an event filled with whimsy and wishes. We know there are children in our community who are facing health issues, and we always remember that these children are the reason behind the Ball – to make their wishes come true.Marketers on Demand (MoD), a full service marketing agency dedicated to marketing and creative recruitment, is ensuring children with health concerns and their families have the opportunity to enjoy a magical afternoon at the Princess Ball. We are thrilled to announce that MoD is generously donating a portion of their revenue to the Princess Wish Ticket Grant program.

Founded in 2008 by Marcie Pollack, Marketers on Demand continuously recruits and builds a pipeline of marketing professionals who are current and in demand. With their fingers on the pulse of current marketing trends and networking industry connections, MoD provides only the best marketing and creative talent for Fortune 500 companies on a contract, contract-to-perm and permanent basis.

Thank you, MoD!

Official Princess Parties is back for the 3rd Annual Princess Ball!

officialprincessparties_logoIt wouldn’t be a princess party without the beautiful princesses and princes of Official Princess Parties, Ontario’s premiere princess party provider.

Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing our Royal Guests, so stay tuned to find who will be in attendance. We have a few ideas, but first we must consult with the Fairy Godmothers…

Visit Official Princess Parties on their website or Facebook to see the beautiful Princesses you may be able to meet at the 2016 Princess Ball.

Welcome Earth Rangers, First-Time Partner of the Princess Ball


We are pleased to welcome first-time Partner Earth Rangers to the Princess Ball family!

Picture every person you know working to protect biodiversity. Picture all of these people acknowledging the impacts of their small, daily actions. Picture our planet thriving because a new generation of leaders is mindful about its health. Earth Rangers imagines this every day. They believe children can make it a reality. Earth Rangers is The Kids’ Conservation Organization, dedicated to educating children and their families about biodiversity, inspiring them to adopt sustainable behaviours and empowering them to become directly involved in protecting animals and their habitats.

Earth Rangers will be thrilling Princess Ball guests by introducing us to birds of prey that were popular as hunting companions in the Highlands in medieval times.